Care Sheet

I will go over this sheet with you before the Berit Milah.  

I examine the baby before I leave, to make sure there are no problems.

1. For the first day, until you go to bed, inspect the dressing every hour for any change in staining.

2. If excessive bleeding were to occur, place firm pressure with a folded tissue to the area for 5 minutes (without intermediate “looking”)

3. Leave vaseline gauze on for 24 hours, then remove. (If it is stuck, use a little warm water to loosen it)

4. After 24 hours, cleanse with warm water and mild soap and dry, as is usual for bathing the baby.

5. For the next 7 – 10 days (until the redness subsides), apply a light coat of vaseline to the diaper area that touches the area, preventing the area from sticking to the diaper.

6. Don’t forget, it can look swollen, sticky, wet, and red, but it should not look infected.

7. For any problem, contact me at home (914) 937-4110, my cell (914) 262-4391, your pediatrician, or emergency room.

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