Please call to discuss.  This is only an informational guide.  The number of participants can easily be changed!

Sandek: attends to and comforts the baby during the Berit Milah

(For example: Grandfather or Godfather)

Kvater: Brings baby into the room on a pillow

(One or two people; For example: Grandmothers and/or Godmothers)

Candle lighter: Reads a sentence in English (or Hebrew) and lights the candles

(For example: Grandfather, Grandmother, Sibling, Relative, or Friend)

Reader(s): Reads passages

(Friend or relative, can be up to four people)

Final Reader: Recites the blessing over the challah

Two Witnesses: Sign the Berit Certificate which will be framed and given at the conclusion of the Berit Milah

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